Ascend’s Vision: Deploy our best minds and resources to our clients and help them to succeed in the most complex business environment in China!

Ascend Capital Partners is a leading China-focused financial advisory boutique committed to provide world-class corporate finance services to top Chinese corporations as well as foreign multinationals seeking to establish or expand their presence in China. Our senior management members who come from world-leading financial firms accumulated over 100 years of investment banking, direct investment and operational experiences in China and the United States. Our experienced, professional and bilingual team members will provide you with the high quality service on cross-border M&A, IPO listings, reverse mergers, corporate restructuring, and strategic & private equity placement.

The investment fund under our direct investment department focuses on the good and new Chinese companies that have been investigated extensively. We seek to maximize the return of all investments. Through our direct investment department, we also provide the growth capital to fast growing Chinese companies. We have completed over ten investment transactions within China since 1999.

Founder and Managing Partner ---Monita Mo

Ms. Monita Mo, the founder and president of Ascend Capital Partners, is a Chinese-American with sino-US bilingual cultural background. She graduated from Baruch College of CUNY with Master degree in Taxation and is a CPA licensed to practice in NY, NJ and California.

Monita has a total of 30 years of experience in private equity, financial restructuring, and operating/financial management in China and the United States, engaged to help Chinese and American corporations to raise fund or go public in overseas market, and to help Chinese enterprises in overseas M&A and acquires high quality foreign company to develop global market. She started her consulting experience with Arthur Andersen NYC participating in mega M&A deals in the 80’s primarily in the media and financial industries. She then started her accounting business in 1992 based in US and focusing in China. She is currently the consultant for 18 banks from China and Taiwan who conducting business in the US. She helped the first wave of abroad students in US come back to China to set up their business and assisted the earliest US investors investing directly in China. Meanwhile, she participated in the earliest online times investment, such as: 8848, Tongtech, PRC EDU and so on. Ascend Capital Partners was founded in 2002 by Monita, expanding the concept of consulting + investing primarily in privately owned enterprises in China ( Ascend has completed several exits in its investment and onto raising a fund to increase each of its investment size. The successful cases of Monita in recent year are Acorn International (listed in US), NVC Lighting (listed in HK), Changfeng Agricultural, TCT Medical, YOYI Media, Sinodis and so on.

Partner: Keddy Wang

Ms. Wang has over 19 years of experience in financial analysis, financial control and reporting system. Ms. Wang is familiar with US and China accounting rules, especially in financial restructuring, tax plan, and assets restructuring.  Under her guidance, she helped clients to resolve various complicated tax and accounting issues, prevented potential risks for entrepreneurs, and speeded up the listing process.

Ms. Wang holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Capital University of Economics & Business and is a certified public accountant in China.   She jointed Ascend in January 2002.   In Ascend, she is responsible for the accounting aspects for private placement, IPO, the U.S. reverse merger etc.  She has worked on various industries including high tech, TV shopping, manufacturer, software company and is familiar unique accounting issues in each field.

Prior to joining Ascend, Ms. Wang was a finance manager at Inc. China's leading e-commerce company, where she was responsible of providing investors the financial reports according with the U.S. accounting rules.  Ms. Wang also headed the internal control system and financial accounting system.

Prior to that, she served at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu as an audit manager, where she was engaged in executing multinational company audits and cross-border accounting reports, constituting audit reports according to various accounting rules.

Ascend Contribution

Ascend will identify comparable companies in the overseas and China market. By providing a detailed case study of successful and failed companies, we analyze success factors and guide entrepreneurs to choose the “right strategy” for the company. We also identify the missing elements and help entrepreneurs to secure various resources. We frequently act as the business development arm for the company.

Ascend helps companies to change from family-style management or one-man dictatorship to an elite management team with professionalism. We recruit key positions for the company.

Ascend designs a set of management accounts and help the management team to identify problem areas, quantify inefficiencies and schedule deadlines & responsibilities. This so called “look at oneself in the mirror” on a periodic basis provides a solid process towards achieving goals.

Ascend helps the communication between company and investor, attends board meetings and assists management to adopt a Western reporting system.

Ascend spends time to understand each entrepreneur and selects only the “trustworthy” team. Investors also have a lot of faith in Ascend when they see that we invest our own capital alongside with theirs.