The investment scope is gradually shifting from traditional industries to high-tech industries

Ascend Viewpoints

Strategy is the key to win

The right strategy is the cornerstone for building a successful business; entrepreneurs should not blindly follow the path of other foreign comparable companies. The “right strategy” is unique for Chinese companies because they have to succeed in a very complex business environment.

Management is King

A good management team is the driving force of the company - capital and other aspects come in second.

Execution is Queen

A good company should deliver consistent results and be aware of potential problems. A company needs a good process to identify and resolve issues along the development path.

Respect Capital

It is important for home-grown entrepreneurs to learn how to deal with foreign investors and how to comply with disclosure and reporting requirement s so that they can continue to attract capital.

Creditability is the cornerstone

“Trust” is important in any business transaction. “Trust” attracts not only capital but resources; all of which attribute to the success of an investment.

Ascend’s Vision:
Deploy our best minds and resources to our clients and help them to succeed in the most complex business environment in China!

Our industry focus

  • Consumer goods and services
  • Industrial goods and services
  • Healthcare products and services
  • Telecom, media, and technology
  • Infrastructure
  • State owned assets