Ascend — Company’s doctor, comrade and cheer team

Ascend actively participates in clients’ routine management meetings, important decisions, senior position recruitments and strategy discussions. Ascend challenges the management team to excel in their business development. (Photos with Acorn, UUSEE, Xingbang and NVC)

Photo of Ascend, Acorn and SAIF after the signing of Acorn series A investment

Photo of Ascend, NVC and SAIF after the signing of NVC series A investment

Ascend team takes part in Xing Bang management meeting to improve financial system and brainstorm the business model combining print media and new media

Ascend, Sinodis and Edmond de Rothshild after the signing of Sinodis series A investment

Ascend, TCT and Fidelity at closing ceremony of series A investment.

Ascend, IEE S.A., CASIC HY group, SAIC HK Limited at the signing of share purchase agreement.

Ascend cheers for Acorn IPO success

After the funding of $43M from SAIF, Acorn secured its media resources and expanded its operations and became the #1 TV home shopping company in China. They started the IPO process in 2006 and listed its shares on NYSE on May 3, 2007. The IPO price was set at $15.50, market cap at $700M. The share price climbed 40% within 1 week to $33, market cap exceeding $1B. All the shareholders and management team realized tremendous wealth.。

Ascend cheers for NVC IPO success

From 2006 to 2009, NVC completed three rounds of fund raisings and 3 times M&A, and became the leading company in China lighting industry. Its turnover reached USD 305.8M in 2009, the largest lighting company in terms of revenue and margin in China. NVC listed its shares at Hong Kong Exchanges on May 20th, 2010. The IPO price was set at HK$2.10, 2.91B issued shares, market cap at HK$6.11B. The share price climbed 40% within 2 months to HK$2.97, market cap exceeding HK$8.64B. All the shareholders and management team were rewarded with superior returns. Benefit from low-carbon and power saving business policy, shares of NVC continued to gain institutional investors support and share price reached HK$3.3 within 5 months of the listing.

Ascend’s Track Record