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Ascend’s Service

Strategic & Private Equity Placement

We have established good business relationships with many multinational companies that are exploring the Chinese market. We also maintain long-term cooperation with investors from Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe and the United States. By virtue of our rich experiences in various industries and our wide business network, we are able to find good projects and evaluate investments for investors. We provide practical guidance to companies and assist entrepreneurs to build their business.

Overseas Listing

We provide a "one-stop" shop for clients seeking to go public on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong or in the United States. We guide our clients to make the proper choices, such as timing of listing, place of listing, selection of underwriter and other agencies, corporate restructuring and other issues related with business, finance, accounting and law. Our service consists of executing due diligence investigation, designing corporate restructure and transaction structure, drafting of business plan, coordinating with underwriters, and securing analysts and companies.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our experienced M&A professions are knowledgeable with Chinese M&A regulations and are able to provide both buy-side and sell-side cross-border M&A advisory services to Chinese and multinational clients. Our service includes identifying buyers or sellers, designing the transaction structure, executing due diligence investigation, and participating M&A negotiation.

State-owned Enterprise Restructuring

Our professional team has a deep understanding of state-owned enterprises. We offer advice and implement complete asset acquisition and/or share acquisition scheme. We can introduce suitable strategic investors and help negotiate the transaction.

Ascend’s Service Scope

Deal Preparation

  • Through extensive business due diligence, we help you draft the Information Memorandum to present the highlights of your business to investors
  • We conduct preliminary financial audit to help you prepare for investors’ financial due diligence and future financial audit
  • We help you formulate shareholding restructuring plans
  • We help you prepare presentations and Q&As for future investor meetings
  • We help you identify other necessary intermediaries, such as legal counsels, auditors and underwriters (in the case of an IPO)

Deal Execution

  • We help you liaise with all the intermediaries to ensure the timely delivery of project milestones
  • We provide you with periodic progress reports to help you stay on top of the project
  • We help you answer investors’ due diligence questions and organize meetings
  • We help you review all the transaction documents and assist you in resolving difficult legal/financial/business issues
  • We help you evaluate the capital market environment and determine the optimal valuation for you
  • We help you establish the post-transaction corporate governance that both meets your requirements and the investor’s requirements
  • We will work by your side step-by-step until the transaction is closed