In 2009 August, Ms. Monita Mo sponsored two sessions of training course for village doctors in Sichuan Disaster area. The training is organized by the Practical Skills Training Center for Rural Women aiming to improve medical treatment for the Sichuan disaster area and to strengthen village doctors’ diagnostic and treatment abilities. On September 1st, Ms. Mo visited the Sichuan training classes and interacted with attendees warmly. Then she went to see 7 healthcare stations in Hong Ya county. She was surprised to see the development of these stations: “China has done a marvelous job in providing basic healthcare to rural inhabitants. I am amazed to see these service stations in such a remote area and these village doctors are filled with passion, love and delegation to their work. This is impossible in America. It is very convenience for people to see the doctors. I would love to visit again.” After returning to Beijing, Ms. Mo carried out a lot of promotion work for this activity to recruit sponsors for this training program so that it will help many more village doctors and healthcare practitioners in rural area.

On January 31st, 2010, Ms. Monita Mo attended the AIESEC activity “Developing Leadership Day”. This activity enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact in society. Ms. Mo gave a key note speech at the beginning of the conference, talked about how she started 2 businesses, obstacles she faced and mistakes made and key factors to succeed. Then she led one of the AIESEC team to perform a given task of selling product. Students got a taste of how to start a small business.

On March 4th, 2010, Ms. Monita Mo attended the Ceremony Forum of the centennial March 8 International Women’s day, which is organized by 《China Economic Weekly》. Over thirty woman elites of business, politic and culture gathered for a forum discussion covering women leadership and innovative capability of modern Chinese women. Ms. Monita Mo was invited to give the opening speech for the forum. The theme of her speech was “The Rise of Chinese Woman in Leadership”. She compared the historic and current women’s achievement; presented an analysis on the social status of American and European women. She indicated that the rising of women was reflected in three areas: political, economic and social. Monita believes that Asia women usually bear more burdens than their husbands. In addition to work responsibility, they have to shoulder all the family burdens. As increasing number of women join social organizations and gain support and experience sharing, we enhance our confidence level and together women achieve better status.

Ms. Monita Mo was invited by George Washington University US-China Business Association to give a speech regarding investment and financial opportunities in China on March 10, 2010. Over 200 students, researchers and scholars of George Washington University attended the conference. An impressive speech was presented by Monita with the title of “Investing in China”. At first, she explained why it is China she stayed for over 30 years and stick almost all her business on it. Then, she talked about her biggest lesson in business - “8848” and a successful case - NVC Lighting. Being the white knight at the height of shareholders fight of NVC, Ascend provided finance aid to NVC in 2006, and helped the company to overcome the difficult time. Then Ascend worked with NVC to assemble an interim operating team to take over sales, marketing and finance to get ready to raise the second round of financing. Monita and her Ascend team were acting as a “financial housekeeper” and not just a financial consultant! She helped NVC to recruit best talent from Philips China, the best R&D people from all over China. Now NVC has become one of the biggest lighting fixture manufacturers in China.

Each them courtesy and nurture them virtue. A home for the seriously ill in order to help more people in need. On June 22nd 2016, Ms. Mo and Robert Qui established Charity Foundation “One sphere,One Heart” focusing on medical help to serious illness; We support education development; disasters rescue and rebuild; We support green economy and environment. Up to now, Ms. Mo has helped 1,174 people with serious illnesses.